The power of focus and concentration

You do not have to have all the answers, just move forward with positive, affirmative action, and you will see results.  John Dare

I feel like I have already gained a personal connection with my readers and I get really anxious when I think about what information I will share next. I tend to juggle a few task on a daily but would like to put more effort into producing more post because I have so much knowledge to share!

The topic that reached out to me as I woke up this morning was the power of focus and concentration. Lately, my ability to delegate task ranging from greatest importance to least importance has become harder to me because I feel like everything needs to get done! I have learned that doing this actually slows down the number of task that you complete as a whole and you tend to even get burned out, resulting in old habits of procrastination and laziness. Lets go ahead and do this exercise so we can get all of the negative thoughts out of our heads:


I am a single parent home and I have many kids to take care of

I am a full time student and my classes take to much of my time

I do not have the money right now

No one believes in me

The do not have any marketable skills or services to offer

I just do not have the time right now


Now that we got that out the way, lets talk about some reasons why WE MUST stop, plan, and then take action right away. If you are like I was in the past (3 days ago) then it is almost impossible to focus on an ultimate goal when their is no strategy behind your passion. On a daily, we have an estimated  70,000 thoughts. “70,000”. I have trouble sometimes when my psychology instructor gives an assignment that I have to produce  1200 words. How is it possible that I can have this many thoughts on a daily basis and further more,  what in the heck have I been thinking about. You can find the answer by simply doing one thing, look around you. Every circumstance, event, person, and thing that you encounter daily is because of the thoughts that you create. Is that a powerful statement or what? Now think about this for a moment; through the power of focus and concentration, not only can you learn to control every thought and direct it to what you want in life, but you can also start to change and create the circumstances that are around you. All this and more is possible through discipline of the mind, and structured task that gets you from one stage to the next smoothly. Lets back up back to this 70,oooo thoughts per day scenario. So what exactly are we thinking about and why. How does it make you feel when you think about these things and does it align with what ultimate goals you have for yourself. The first thing I want you to do is make a list of the things that you are thinking about and be honest with yourself. Try it for a couple of days and then see what changes can be made in your thinking process.  In the mean time, here are a few action statements that can help you to change the pattern of your subconscious mind (we will talk more about the subconscious in future post AWESOME SUBJECT) and get you focused right away.

1. I possess the ability to concentrate on one thing at a time! ( repeat 12 times)

2. I possess a positive mental attitude! (12)

3. My right now is right, and my future is bright! (12)

4. I embrace success. The words “I can’t” are not in my vocabulary. I refuse to believe my own excuses. I am unstoppable! (12)

5.I don’t have to wait until I feel “ready” to take action on my goals. The timing will never be perfect. I am ready now.

6. I am making space for more success to come into my life. I let go of my excuses. I am productive & focused on results! (12)

7. I am committed to the possibility of my own success. I take action on my goals now so I can have the lifestyle I want(12)

8. I can achieve whatever I want. I can have what I desire. Everything is possible. (12)

9. I accept responsibility for my own happiness. I don’t need anyone or anything to complete me because I am already complete.

10. I am willing to forgive. Forgiving myself and others releases me from the pain of the past. I forgive and I am free.

Now take four breaths in through your nose! And release four times through your mouth.

Now doesn’t that feel good. Now we are ready to focus “clearly” on whatever task we have for the day. Remember that to move forward in positive action, you must, well move! Get up in the morning with a positive attitude and if you are not a morning person like myself, give yourself these action words to get motivated “DO IT NOW”! Keep you are pair of sneakers near the bed, get up and but them on after saying “DO IT NOW” with affirmative positive energy, and take a walk around the block or walk the dog to get your blood going. I assure you it is a great way to start the day and strengthen your ability to focus and concentration.

Go try it! In the meantime, check out these great e-books at