Who do I turn too (Poem)

Quote of the day: if its to be, its up to me. John Dare.

Who do you turn too when you have burned every bridge,

Sharks in the water waiting to get their bloody revenge.

No life jacket, just a life that has been like jacking a man for everything he can stand

Two broken legs is what he get in the end

And ultimately, you was suppose to be my crutch, the one I leaned on and cared for so much

Now your a stranger too me, the epitome of the people you see on T.V.

Except there life’s make more sense, the drama they start is scripted and less intense

Who do I turn too when I have told you every thang, then you use it against me just to slander my name

I turn to me cause I am the best choice, no more of my secrets you will ever know but you will hear my voice.

I choose me!