Dealing with addiction

Sometimes its what you cant control that runs your life. John Dare

As serious as I want to be in this post, I also find some humor out of the content I am about to speak on because it is happening so rapidly. When you think about the word addiction, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, and gambling right? Ill get to those later! You also have addictions such as stealing and telling compulsive lies which may bring about such pleasures as the other addictions named above. Before we get to these topics, I want to talk about modern day addictions that does not deal with toxins or criminal mischief. This has affected way more addicts than all of the topics named above and that addiction is Social Media.

Since the launch of Facebook in 2006, the number of active members have reached 1.1 Billion as of January 2014. On average, people spend two to fifteen hours a day on Facebook; You do the math of how much time that equates to daily for one billion users. Facebook has found a unique way through a technology interface to incapacitate the drive of people by offering a virtual world where they can reach thousands of people and influence them in what ever way they are feeling at the time. Now why would this be qualified as an addiction? Think about it for a second. From a personal aspect, what kind of affects do addictions have on people? For one, it takes up valuable time from what ever goals and objectives you are trying to accomplish at the moment. It most likely is costing you more money than it is making you, like the old saying says, “time IS money. Which raises the question. How does Facebook make so much money from its everyday users? They secretly take your information, based off of your post  and sell it to marketers who then stamp advertisements on your page which offers products to keep you hooked or sell you a product. Since the successful launch of Facebook, hundreds of social media networks have sprung up in efforts to create mass audiences to compete with Facebook’s fan base. Social media has become the modern day addiction that will continue to grow and become its own language.

Pretty funny right! 


Lets talk about some not so funny addictions…

I graduated high school in 2003 and over the course of years, I have seen people my age dying from drug overdose and sexually transmitted diseases. I have seen people who were once on top of “their” own world now walking the streets and selling their bodies just to make a living. I have played my part in providing a space for them to do the drugs and prostitution because I was most likely on some type of drug myself. My drug of choice was ecstasy, alcohol, and marijuana but I never let the drugs control me. I often took it in small doses when I participated and I promised myself if it got to the point where I was doing the things I seen being done, I would stop completely right away, And I did. The problem comes when you do decide to stop, but you are still in that same environment whether it is the neighborhood you live in, the friends you have made in this life style, or the ones you already have had for a period of time and they have so much to say about your life change. 

The truth of it all is, in order to be committed to change, you have to change what you are committed too. No matter what addictions you are experiencing, it has to be something within yourself that “wants” the change and will be committed to just that. If you have people around you that you share special connections with, and they still choose to live and alternative life style that may affect you changing, it will be vital for you to decide how to move forward with these people. Be prepared to deal with a sense of resentment, anger, and even rage from people who feel as if they are being abandoned or scrutinized. It is not an easy task but addictions can only replace lost voids temporarily. It is nothing to hide or be ashamed of. It is life and it is those experiences which builds character in us all.




One thought on “Dealing with addiction

  1. “In order to be committed to change, you have to change what you’re committed too”. Love that! So true! Without that we only do first order and short term “change”. Nice share! And so true-many addictions that people chose to not view as such.

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